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grayswx vs. Lukas1

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grayswx vs. Lukas1

Post by grayswx on Mon Sep 21, 2009 2:33 pm

Here's the game.

Sente: grayswx (loss)
Gote: Lukas1 (win)


[Sente "grayswx"]
[Gote "vyli"]
[Date "2009.09.21"]
[Event "?"]
[Round "-"]
[Result "0-1"]
[SenteGrade "1283"]
[GoteGrade "1364"]

1. P7g-7f P3c-3d 2. P6g-6f P8c-8d 3. S7i-6h S7a-6b 4. P3g-3f K5a-4b 5. S3i-4h
K4b-3b 6. S6h-7g P7c-7d 7. P5g-5f S6b-7c 8. G4i-5h P5c-5d 9. G5h-6g G6a-5b 10.
B8h-7i S3a-4b 11. K5i-6h S4b-3c 12. K6h-7h B2b-3a 13. K7h-8h P4c-4d 14. G6i-7h
K3b-2b 15. P2g-2f G5b-4c 16. P2f-2e G4a-3b 17. S4h-3g P8d-8e 18. S3g-2f S7c-8d
19. S2f-1e B3a-4b 20. N2i-3g P1c-1d 21. S1e-2f P8e-8f 22. S7gx8f P7d-7e 23.
P7fx7e S8dx7e 24. S8f-7g P*8f 25. S7gx8f S7ex8f 26. P8gx8f B4bx8f 27. P*8g
B8f-5i+ 28. P4g-4f S*1e 29. S2fx1e P1dx1e 30. P4f-4e +B5ix3g 31. R2h-2i S*5h
32. S*2d +B3g-3h 33. S2dx3c= G4cx3c 34. R2i-2f N*1d 35. S*2d N1dx2f 36. S2dx3c=
N2ax3c 37. P2e-2d S5hx6g+ 38. P2dx2c+ G3bx2c 39. G7hx6g N3cx4e 40. P*2d G2cx2d
41. B7ix2d G*2c 42. B2d-5a+ R*7a 43. S*6b S*7i 44. K8h-9h R7a-7h+ 45. G*8h
+R7hx8h 0-1


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Re: grayswx vs. Lukas1

Post by takodori on Tue Sep 22, 2009 1:10 am

It's an interesting Yagura game with double Bogin(Climbing Silver).

20.N-3g is in quesion. I think it's often better to keep your right kNight on the original square when you choose Climbing Silver. Instead of 20. N-3g, Trading Bishops, Silvers and pawns on 2d would have been clearly better such as P-2d Px2d Sx2d Sx2d Bx2d Bx2d Rx2d.

26. Bx8f, This is a very good move to take the Silver on 8f by Bishop, not by Rook since it will be able to promote like B-5i+ later.

28. P-4f, This seems to try to activate the kNight on 3g such as P-4e, Px4e Nx4e, but it's too slow to be realized. I think B-4f instead of 28.P-4f would have been better to threaten to take the Rook on 8b and increase the connection with the kNight on 3g.

28. S*1e, Very good Silver drop to make the kNight on 3g floating.

32. S*2d, Very sharp counterattack. Exclamation

34.N*1d, Good kNight drop to kill Sente's Rook.

37. Sx6g+ I think Px2d instead would have been better. In yagura, it's often better not to neglect sacrificing pawn advancement ahead of your King such as P-2d or P-8f.

39.Nx4e, I think it's too slow. Instead of that, my recommendation is P*7h Kx7h S*6i(!) Kx6i Rx8g+ S*7h S*5h K-6h G*6i Kx5h +Rx7h for approaching Sente's King. P*7h is a tactical sacrificing pawn drop to invite Sente's King closer to Gote's promoted Bishop on 3h.

42.R*7a, Excellent and decisive Rook drop to threaten to take Sente's promoted Bishop on 5a and to aim at S*7i to mate Sente's King.

Overall, Gote's attack is fluent in this game.

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Re: grayswx vs. Lukas1

Post by Lukas1 on Tue Sep 22, 2009 3:36 am

thank you very much for review, I will try to not make such slow moves like 39. Nx4e. I see, your handling with pawns is excellent, which i found out by your first review of my previous game, but this has confirmed it. I always knew pawns are very important pieces, which can do lot of damage, but only after it was shown on my own game, i think i understand now much better their potential.


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Re: grayswx vs. Lukas1

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