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BCMShogi Q&A

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BCMShogi Q&A

Post by hirohiigo on Wed Sep 23, 2009 12:20 am

I've been using BCMShogi for quite a while now and I'm pretty sure I know enough about it to confidently answer many questions regarding it. (I often answer people's questions about it on Youtube in Hidetchi's videos' comments.) Since I do a lot of work in BCMShogi for things like making videos and analyzing/archiving games, I feel like it would be beneficial to help anyone who's having trouble with navigating through the software.

So, if you run into any problems with BCMShogi, you have one of two options:

1) Post in this topic.
2) Send a message on the BCMShogi Google Group. (Unfortunately being overrun by spambots at the moment.)

If you post a question here, I'll be sure to get around to answering it as quickly as possible.

Frequently-Asked Questions:

How do I stop a piece from promoting?

In order to move a piece without promoting it in the promotion zone, you have to grab it with the right mouse button. Grabbing it with the left mouse button will activate promotion.

How do I adjust all the pieces on the board?

In order to set up a custom position on the board in BCMShogi, you need to go to the Edit menu and then select Edit Position. In Edit Position mode you have the option of putting the board back to the current position, emptying the board (moving all the pieces but the kings to the piece box), and setting a Tsumeboard (opponent king on the board, your king in the piece box, and every other piece on the opponent's king's piece stand). You may also change whose turn it is in this mode by selecting the Edit menu and choosing Switch side.

How do I promote, unpromote, and change the sides of the pieces in Edit Position mode?

Pieces in BCMShogi have four states: Unpromoted for sente, promoted for sente, unpromoted for gote, promoted for gote. When you double click a piece with the right mouse button in Edit Position mode, it will move to the next state. For example, if sente has a promoted knight, double right clicking will make it gote's unpromoted knight.

How do I draw objects on the board?

In order to put objects on the board, you must have the Object tool window open. To open it, select the Windows menu and select Object tool. To place an object on the board, select it in the Object tool and place it on the square you want with the middle mouse button. For arrows and regions, you must middle click and hold the button on the square you want to start on, drag, and then release the middle mouse button on the square you want to extend it to. For example, click and hold the middle mouse button on 5e and drag it to 9i, then release.

How do I load a game into BCMShogi?

If you have a game saved in .PSN, .KIF, .USF, or any of the other supplied formats, select the File manu and choose Load. Find where this game is saved, choose it, and click Open. The game will be loaded into BCMShogi and you can review it move-by-move using the Control window (Windows -> Control). You can also load a game without saving by selecting the notation, copying it with Ctrl+C, and then pasting it into BCMShogi with Ctrl+V or Edit -> Paste.

How do I save a game in BCMShogi?

Select the File menu and choose Save or Save As. Then, choose a file name for it, and click save. You may save in any of the provided file formats, but for storage for computer shogi use, USF is the preferred file type. PSN shows the game record in international notation and KIF shows the game in Japanese notation.

How do I use the engine?

In order to use the engine in BCMShogi, you have to have one of the Engine windows open. Select the menu and choose Engine 1 or Engine 2. Hover your cursor around the title bar of the Engine window and you will be displayed with several options. In order to turn on the Engine's suggestions, press Start, and it will display what it believes to be the best move.

How do I autoanalyze a game?

To have an engine autoanalyze a game you have loaded, select the Game menu and choose Playing Mode. Make sure both players are the Engine, and make sure Autoanalyze is selected. Then choose the time you want the engine to take to analyze. When you are done, press Ok and it will analyze for you. (This takes quite some time!) When it is done, you can open a graph with Windows -> Graph that will show you who the engine evaluated as the player who was winning in situations throughout the game.

How do I play a game against the engine?

Select Playing Mode from the Game menu and make sure Human is selected for one of the players. Also be sure that in Startposition, the first option is selected (Default = Even).

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