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Online Amateur Shogi Games Showcase (OASGS) series.

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Online Amateur Shogi Games Showcase (OASGS) series.

Post by 1059860 on Tue Sep 29, 2009 4:11 am

I've recently started a new series of shogi games collection called Online Amateur Shogi Games Showcase, or OASGS for shorthand. It's a collection of online game plays and games that are slightly easier to understand than professional games. These games diversify from games that follow strict jousekis to surprising formations, starts and attacks, often are very entertaining to view.

Also special about this series is that all games are played with an International Shogi Piece-Set created by Hidetchi-san.

The playlist can be found here and all videos will be uploaded on YouTube by the account xDAZZE so make sure you subscribe.

Here is the playlist of the OASGS series:


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