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Quotes from Habu's Words

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Quotes from Habu's Words

Post by takodori on Tue Sep 29, 2009 9:43 am

The chapter 5 of Habu's Words explains A Vanguard Pawn. Since there was Q&A discussion about vanguard pawn recently, I'm quoting some from the chapter as below;

A pawn moved onto the 5th rank is said to to occupy a 'vanguard' position(kuraidori). If you can maintain such a position it is a very big point strategically, as it is in the middle of the board. But you must always guard against the opponent's counterattack, because it takes time to make such an advance halfway up the board.

If you allow occupation of the 5th rank it may become difficult to move, because one has less possible places than the opponent for effective movement. A vanguard position can arise in the opening, middlegame and endgame.

This is the top note. And the summary of the end of the chapter is below;

When you occupy a vanguard position you must attend to the following.
  1. Is immediate counterattack a worry or not? If an immediate counterattack is possible, then it is highly likely that the position of the vanguard pawn will be captured, turning the tables.
  2. Is there a piece(silver) nearby able to support the vanguard pawn or not? If a vanguard pawn has no supporting piece it becomes a target for attack, and the balance of the whole position will crumble.
  3. Is the vanguard pawn effective or not? Occupation of many vanguard positions in many places cannot be supported, and tends to mean carelessness about the defence of own king's.

Please remember that, basically, a vanguard position near a king is of high value. If you can play to occupy a vanguard position and maintain it, one may say that you really have the ability of a dan-player.

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