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kei700(Shogidojo24) vs Lukas1

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kei700(Shogidojo24) vs Lukas1

Post by Lukas1 on Tue Sep 29, 2009 5:29 pm

Okey, this is a game I played at shogidojo, basically it's yagura vs yagura, but this time it's quite interesting game, because actually yagura castle was used to attack oponent's camp.. I find this game quite interesting, beacause this is first time I've played such position. When playing yagura, I almost always go for climbing silver, or suzumezashi, anyway using rook, but this time rook was idle... (Well i know, it's not very optimal). After looking back on my game, I think 70. P2f wasn't good enough, R2b would be much better, right?
Well anyway, i am sorry, but this time I cannot put a direct link to this game as it was played at Shogidojo24, but I'll post a kifu file replayable with BCM shogi for example. hra_UKIF


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