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Great training resources

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Great training resources

Post by hirohiigo on Sat Sep 12, 2009 12:55 am

Opening Strategies:

Wikishogi by Yamajunn:

Yamajunn's Basic Shogi Opening:

Yamajunn's Shogi Opening:

Yamajunn's Shogi Opening Traps:

Yamajunn's Shogi Kakoi & Castle Collection:

Checkmate Problems (tsumeshogi):

Tsumeshogi - Wikipedia:

Ricoh Shogi Club's Mating Problems:

Kohey's Tsume-Shogi Web:

Tsumeshogi Solving Challenge:

Take & Drop Tsume Practice:

Tsume with Extra Pieces in Hand:

Tsume Shogi World:

Strategy Tips:

Joseki Essence by Yoshiharu Habu:

Better Moves for Better Shogi by Teruichi Aono:

Guide to Shogi Openings by Teruichi Aono:

Tips by Yamato Takahashi:

Quest of the Lost Systems by Kiyokazu Katsumata:

How to Defend in Shogi by Yasuharu Oyama:

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