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International Shogi Notations

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International Shogi Notations

Post by 1059860 on Sun Sep 13, 2009 9:57 pm

This is the initial set up of a shogi board. As you can notice, the top (and sometimes the bottom) are marked with numbers, going from right to left. The right (and sometimes the left) are marked with lower-case letters, going from top to bottom. These are the coordinates on a shogi board.

In shogi, rows are called ranks. The row that's marked with h is called h-rank. Similarly, the columns are called files. A column marked with 6 is the 6th-file.

For a square, we take the number first and then the letter that correspond to that square and combine them to name that square. For sente's king is on the 5i square, and gote's bishop is on the 2b square.

When noting the movement of a piece, you first write the letter of the piece, then a - (sometimes nothing), followed by the square that it's going to. If the first move on sente's side is the 7g pawn to 7f, the notation would simply be P-7f.

Here are the letters that correspond to every piece:
Pawn, Bishop, Rook, Lance, Knight, Silver, Gold, and King. The Knight is not using the K is because K has already taken the K. Plus, the K in "knight" is silent anyway, right?

If there are 2 pieces that can go to a certain square, for example, gote is playing right Gold to 5b, but both Gold can go to 5b, you would put the square in which the gold comes from before the - to notate that. So it would be G4a-5b rather than just G-5b.

For all drop pieces, an asterisk (*) is used instead of the hyphen (-). A gold drop to 5b would be G*5b.

Any promotions on the turn of promotion would have a + at the end, such as R-2b+. For unpromote moves, a = will be put in place for the +, such as S-4f=. When promoted pieces move, however, a + is put in FRONT of the entire notation, such as +R-3c.

When one of your opponent's piece is taken, an x is placed in the place of the hyphen (-), such as Gx5b. That means the Gold has taken whatever that was on 5b square.

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Re: International Shogi Notations

Post by Hidetchi on Mon Sep 14, 2009 5:52 am

There are also these alternatives for promoted pawn, rook, and bishop.

promoted pawn: +P or T (because it's 'to-kin' in Japanese)
promoted rook: +R or D (because we call it a Dragon)
promoted bishop: +B or H (because we call it a Horse)

+P, +R, +B are much more common than T, D, H.
But I personally like T, D, H. :-)

Reijer Grimbergen specifies this in the link below. (I could only find a Japanese website. sorry.)

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