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Shogi tournament at the Spitalfields Market Japanese Festival (London), September 19th

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Shogi tournament at the Spitalfields Market Japanese Festival (London), September 19th

Post by Tarvaa on Tue Sep 15, 2009 6:46 pm

Hey Everyone!

This is a copy of an email I received regarding a tournament in London this weekend, as it explains, they are doing a shogi promo involved within the Market Festival. So any UK players around this is one of the better chances to get live play in.


Original Source:
David Faldon - British Shogi Federation (BSF) President

Here are the final details for the Shogi display and tournament at
the Spitalfields Market Japanese Festival, Saturday September 19th.

We have a group of tables booked at the Spitalfields Market
Japanese Matsuri (Festival). The idea is to run a demonstration of
shogi for visitors to the Festival plus a serious tournament (or as
serious as we can be in the circumstances). Several of you have already
kindly volunteered to act as demonstrators or to play in the
tournament, but as that was quite a few weeks ago now I'd like to
double check.

If you would like to play in the tournament, please send me an
email at least a day before the 19th, so I can make sure we have enough
room, sets and clocks. The idea is to play a three round tournament,
with the games starting at 10 am, 12 am and 3 pm. Each player will have
30 minutes then 40 seconds for each additional move. This will allow
for serious games without too much panic at the end. If enough rated
players enter, we can have the games rated for grading and promotion

If you'd like to help demonstrate at the festival (and qualify for
free refreshments etc) then please also confirm this, so I can make
sure your name is given to the Festival organisers. I plan to arrive
around 9.30 am or a little earlier to start setting up, but volunteers
don't all have to be there that early. Any period of help, however
short, at any time from 9.30 am until about 5 pm would be most welcome.

If you do plan to come at 9.30, please meet me at the red bus in
the square by the canopy at the entrance to Spitalfields Market in
Brushfield Street (the Bishopsgate end). If you come to play or come
any time after 10 am you'll have to find us in the Festival area.
Hopefully we'll be somewhere conspicuous.

The nearest tube stations to Spitalfields Market are Liverpool
Street (go north up Bishopsgate then east along Brushfield Street) and
Aldgate East (go north up Commercial Street). The Shogi tournament is
part of the Spitalfields Japanese Matsuri (Festival) so there will be
many interesting attractions (food, music, art, etc) to visit between
and after the games (the Festival runs until 8 pm).

I plan to bring enough normal sets plus two teaching sets plus
some books plus some prizes and give-aways, but I don't have enough
byo-yomi clocks for the tournament, so if you can bring such a clock
that will be most welcome. Also, if you'd like to bring a nice set to
play with or demonstrate with, that would also be welcome!

Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything important. If I have, please ask!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

With all best wishes,

David Faldon


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Re: Shogi tournament at the Spitalfields Market Japanese Festival (London), September 19th

Post by 1059860 on Tue Sep 15, 2009 9:11 pm

I would definitely go had I live in England.

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