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64palm (Jirachi) vs shikamaru5

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64palm (Jirachi) vs shikamaru5

Post by hirohiigo on Wed Sep 16, 2009 4:12 pm

Replay the game here.

[Sente "64palm"]
[Gote "shikamaru5"]
[Date "2009.09.16"]
[Event "?"]
[Round "-"]
[Result "1-0"]
[SenteGrade "1027"]
[GoteGrade "1035"]

1. P7g-7f P9c-9d 2. P2g-2f P2c-2d 3. P7f-7e P9d-9e 4. P2f-2e P2dx2e 5. R2hx2e
R8b-9b 6. R2e-2h P8c-8d 7. N8i-7g P6c-6d 8. R2h-2f P3c-3d 9. R2f-3f N2a-3c 10.
R3fx3d R9b-9c 11. P7e-7d P7cx7d 12. R3dx6d G6a-5b 13. R6dx7d R9c-9d 14. R7d-2d
N3c-4e 15. S3i-4h N8a-7c 16. S7i-6h N7c-6e 17. N7gx6e P5c-5d 18. N6e-7c+ P8d-8e
19. R2d-2c+ P5d-5e 20. P1g-1f R9d-5d 21. P1f-1e N4ex5g= 22. S4hx5g P5e-5f 23.
+R2c-2h P5fx5g+ 24. +R2h-5h +P5gx5h 25. G4ix5h B2b-3c 26. B8hx3c+ K5a-6a 27.
+B3cx1a R5d-7d 28. L*7i R7dx7c 29. L7ix7c+ P9e-9f 30. P9gx9f S7a-8b 31. +L7cx8b
L9ax9f 32. L9ix9f P4c-4d 33. +L8b-7a K6ax7a 34. R*9a K7a-8b 35. B*7c K8bx7c 36.
R9a-9c+ K7c-6b 37. L*6f G5b-6c 38. L6fx6c+ K6b-5a 39. +L6c-5c G4a-5b 40.
+R9c-9a 1-0

I'm numbering the moves based on PlayOK's paired numbering format.

1. P-7f This is the most played opening move among professionals.

3. P-7e This usually indicates that you will pick the Third File Rook strategy. However, by P-2f you have already indicated that you will play Static Rook. This vanguard pawn won't last very long.

5. Rx2d Great idea to go for the pawn trade.

6. R-2h Instead, you should have played P*2c, which would have killed White's bishop. Furthermore, your rook was doing a much better job in the midranks at this stage in the game than it would in your own camp.

8. ... P-3d Now White's bishop can escape.

14. R-2d Why not Rx7a+, taking a silver and forking the king and the knight?

14. ... N-4e R-2d is now pointless, White's bishop can escape.

15. S-4h Good silver development, defending the 5g square.

23. +R-2h Instead, save the silver with S-4h. This dragon will do nothing for you in your camp.

24. +R-5h?? Why would you sacrifice your dragon when you can simply recapture with the silver? Furthermore, P*5e would stop his rook's attack.

28. L*7i? Why not capture it with +Nx7d!?

33. +L-7a This check does nothing for you, the king can simply recapture.

35. B*7c?? Bishop is unprotected!!! Drop it further away from the king!!! Furthermore there was no need to protect the rook - it was already protected by 9f lance.

40. +R-9a Why not capture the gold instead?

As much as I'd rather not say this, this wasn't a game of "Who was better," it was a game of "Who made the most blunders." Had your opponent been competent at all he could have immediately turned around the game at several points. I most certainly believe that you need to watch Hidetchi's videos, read the Wikipedia article on shogi strategy, or ask one of us to teach you. I, personally, am free most days from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. Central time. If I'm free, don't hesitate to ask me for lessons, I'll be glad to give them.

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Re: 64palm (Jirachi) vs shikamaru5

Post by shogismive on Wed Sep 16, 2009 4:28 pm

haha nice game you two Smile
i would suggest however to check out hidetchi's vid on the value of pieces because there were some bad moves that have most likely stemmed from not knowing the value of pieces.

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